Create Openings/Add AirBoundary Surfaces To HB Model

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to add subfaces with the AirBoundary boundary condition to an HB model? I would like to create a “hole” in the floor/ceiling between two storeys of my building.

So far I have tried a few approaches, but none of them seem to work.

  1. Adding a subface: The Add Subface component only accepts apertures or doors as an input, so adding an HB Face with the boundary condition set to AirBoundary is not an option. There is no air boundary window construction in the library, and the “Generic Air Boundary” solid construction that can be applied to doors returns an error. (1. Solution exception:Expected OpaqueConstruction for door. Got <class ‘’>)

  2. Adding an HB Face to the HB Model: The air wall is added, however it doesn’t actually “cut a hole” into the floor/ceiling, which means that the sensor grid doesn’t skip over where the hole should be and the heat maps still cover the entire floor in the end.

Thankful for any guidance here.