Create vertical Zones in a room with parametric subdivions


I want to create a room with vertical zones. I do not know the quantitiy of subdivions, so it has to be parametric.
3subdivisions 5subdivisions For example 3 or 5 subdivions.

If I create the HB_Surfaces and bring it in the create HBZones-Container together, it doesn’t work if I add interior ceilings to this room.

I did not use the ‘HB Mass2Zone’ Container for giving each surface a different construction.

Regards, Marco (532.8 KB)

Is this what you’re looking for? (558.4 KB)
Once this is parametric. You can assign materials you defined

Hey devang,

thanks for your help.

  1. Isn’t it possible to assign different walls constructions to the four cardinal directions?
  2. I already built one version like this: (516.1 KB)

There I have a special problem if my subdivisions parameter is greater than 3. There will be missing walls.
Do you see there a mistake?

If somebody is interested in the solution of the missing walls.
It is a tolerance mistake. It occurs when the ‘Glazing_basedOnRatio’ is added with ‘breakUpWindow’. The results were ‘OpenBreps’.
I changed the absolute tolerance to 0.001 in Rhino. Now it works fine.