Creating a single zone out of multiple spaces

Hello everyone,

I am looking to create a single zone out of multiple spaces. In openstudio we can easily assign multiple spaces to a single zone, but I am looking to do this in HB. I don’t see any option within the HB components to merge spaces to one zone. Does anyone know if there is some type of work around?



Hi @FabianPosadas,

OpenStudio came up with the idea of space vs zone as they wanted to remove the internal walls for the energy simulation while keeping them in for the daylighting.

In honeybee you don’t need such a concept as you can use Honeybee zones to create the zone and add all the additional geometries to your daylight model as Honeybee surfaces.

The reason for the my question has to do more with space designations / space loads. I want to be able to add multiple spaces with different types of designations (example: room/lobby) under the same zone. We are using honeybee for energy simulations

I’m not sure what are you trying to do here. In Honeybee you can assign the types to each zone separately. You won’t be able to assign different types to the same zone in EnergyPlus or OpenStudio. I think I’m missing something here. Can you share a simple example file that shows the problem.

For the future reference Ladybug 0.0.66 and Honeybee 0.0.63 Releae has some major improvements to make editing Honeybee-generated OpenStudio models easier. See the release notes for more information.

Thanks @mostapha for all your (plus your team’s) handwork! honeybee has become a huge part of my workflow.

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