Creating custom glass (DGU/ TGU)

I’m trying to create a XML file using the LBNL Window tool for a custom glazing material (Low-E DGU with argon gas). What is a good way to create such a material? I need to run both an EnergyPlus and Radiance simulation. The following is a screenshot of the error I’m getting while trying to import a XML file for Radiance material.

Attn: Iman Khayat and Theodore Galanos: I believe you had a discussion regarding a similar problem, were you able to create the material? (663 KB)

Hi Ashish,

You can refer section 3.2.1 of Andy McNeil’s3 Phase tutorial to get an idea on how to create xml files and incorporate them as BSDFs in Radiance Simulations.

If you run into issues with HB while doing so, a crude way out would be to incorporate the material and geometry into the simulation using the additionalRadFiles_ option in the Run Daylight Simulation component. And make sure that your file path does not have any spaces in them. Radiance does not play well with files that have spaces in them, partly because of the fact that the default delimiter in Radiance is whitespace.


(PS: I don’t do energy simulations, so I have no idea about how to replicate this workflow in E+ )

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Thank you Sarith!

That’s the process I was following, but I had changed the default path of the file to a different folder which wasn’t recognized. It works now!

But I’m still unable to create a custom E+ glass and use it with any glazing component. I tried using the Honeybee WINDOW IDF component and tried replicating the glazing properties derived from LBNL WINDOW in the glass material component. Is it because I’m trying to apply a glass material component to a Wall type surface?

04_Glazing (712 KB)

GlzSys_DblClrWArgn_Avg.idf (2.16 KB)

Hi Ashish, I am not sure as to how this works out in E+. Maybe Mostapha, Chris or Abraham can help?

Hi Sarith. Thanks for your vote of confidence :slight_smile:

Didn’t run the simulation but found 2 things that eliminate the error (see image attached).

  1. You are missing the IDF extension in the panel with the path to the file.

  2. You are connecting a material to a construction input instead of a construction.

Let us know if that works for you.


Thanks Sarith and Abraham;

After having run the material through the EP Construction component, it works!

But I’m still getting an error while trying to run the energy simulation, I think because the glazing based on ratio component is applied to a Wall surface. Is it possible to change the glass material with this component? (712 KB)

Design model_02.3dm (261 KB)


I think the GH you uploaded is not the last one you are working on: The construction is not fixed and the geometry doesn’t relate to the rhino file, at leat the brep connected to the HB_addHBGlz in the red group.



Sorry for being late to the conversation and I’m glad that you and Abraham were mostly able to figure out how to use the LBNL WINDOW component. There were just a couple of things wrong in that you were assigning a window material to an opaque HBSrf. This should be what you need to do to assign the glass correctly:

-Chris (685 KB)