Culling Out Hourly Simulated Infiltration Rate?

Hello. Thanks for your great software.
Knowing that the infiltration energy load can easily be extracted using HB Terminal Load Balance component after the OSM model is executed, I wonder are there any ways to extract the hourly simulated Infiltration Rate alone between indoors and outdoors? Can we use HB Read Custom Result for it, and if yes, what object should be culled out for?
Many Thanks!

Yes, that is the right approach. You just need to make sure that you request the infiltration output that you want from the simulation using the HB Custom Simulation Output component. Then you can parse the results in the the Read Custom Result component.

You can use the HB Read Result Dicionary component to see the full list of outputs that you can request from EnergyPlus for a given model. Iā€™m sure you will find one for the infiltration information that you seek.

Thank you, Chris, for the direction! I found what I was looking for. I appreciate it.

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