Cumulative hourly radiation

Hi all,

I just started fiddling around with Ladybug. I’m trying to plot the radiation during the day on a curved surface. So, I want to calculate 24 values, one for each hour, of kWh/m2 for the entire surface. I want to graph this, so I expect some kind of peak radiation during the day. I want to do this as a cumulative value for an entire year (so still 24 values).

Is this possible in Ladybug?

Hi Diederik,

The short answer is yes you can do it but with the current released version which is uses genCumulativeSky to generate the sky it might fail. GenCumulativeSky has some bugs for hourly studies (check this discussion as an example).

This is a perfect examples for what I have recently implemented to Ladybug. Using gendaymtx makes it extremely easy to do. Watch this video:(

If you can’t wait for the next release (which will happen at some point next week), send me your email so I can send you the link to the newer version and you can run what you are looking for pretty easy.