Curved Glazing Throwing Vertex Error in Open Studio Export


HI, see attached, I am getting an error when adding glazing on the curved surfaces. The child surfaces are coplanar as they were created with offsetCrvONSrf.

Also, I tried glazing percentage, but that failed as well.

Thank you.

@ebroberg ,
If you upload a grasshopper definition that has just enough to create the issue, I will take a look.
In the meantime, you best bet might be to planarize your geometry since I am sure that you will be able to run it if the geometry is planar.

Thanks for your reply Chris. I tried the same geometry on 2 computers (one with Open Studio 2.5.0 and the other with 2.7.0) and both yield the same issues.

Even so, I planarized the surface and it worked; however, after watching your video on the Rules of Energy Geometry (thank you btw), it seems this should not be necessary. Attached is the geometry. Thank you again.

I assume the ‘vertex error’ is occurring b/c Energy Plus/HB triangulates the glazing and the parent surface separately. As such, there would naturally be some vertices that are not co-planar b/w the two (536.6 KB)

Any help with this issue? I am manually triangulating the curved surfaces, but this is not allowing me to embrace the parametric nature of HB.

Thank you.