Custom blind control in Honeybee

Hi Mostapha/Chris,

A quick question. I am running an office daylight simulation and would like to model the user behavior like this: Glare is indicated by horizontal illuminance above a certain level X. If - at any point during the day - the average illuminance exceeds X, then the blinds are closed. The blinds only have two opportunities to reopen during the day: First thing in the morning and right after lunch (since people probably won’t be experimentally opening the windows every hour).

For bonus points, it would be nice to add a further detail. I’d like to assume that the blinds will be closed if either of two conditions are met. 1) the average illuminance exceeds X and 2) the illuminance at any sensor point exceeds Y.

It can be done in excel - but would be cooler/quicker to do the whole thing in Grasshopper.

Thanks much!


Hey John,

You can actually do it currently with Honeybee (using daysim advanced components) but it will take much longer as Daysim will simulate the cases with and without blinds! I think your current approach is more efficient. In any case, check the advanced example in Honeybee example files if you want to see how you can do it with Honeybee.

If you still want to keep it all in Grasshopper take a look at “Honeybee_Read All the Hourly Results from Annual Daylight Study” It lets you load all the results into Grasshopper and then you can apply the logic here inside the Grasshopper for post-processing.