Custom idf made - but only childsrf can't find custom materials


After adding windows and constructions to the userCustomEPlibrary.idf I’m enjoying having all the needed materials within my gh/HB-file.

Every HBSurface got connected to its individual materials - and adapted.

But the HB-Childsrf-component can’t find the specific materials.

The userCustomEPlibrary.idf is identic in two directories (c:ladybug and c:user/appdata/roaming/…).

How it come?

Attached you find the custom library and the *.gh-file.

Thank you very much for your support!

D (485 KB)
userCustomEPLibrary.idf (25.8 KB)

Hi all!

I think I solved it. It accepts only window constructions, If single panes are used, probably they should be also saved as WindowConstructions.



Your userCustomEPLibrary.idf doesn’t include constructions for the windows, just for walls.

So it is almost there …


Thank you. Strange thing now: I got specific data from a company for my window materials. I added them to my *.idf-Mat.-File and successfully ran the simulation. After the third test simulation I got an error report, that vis.Transmittance@normal incidence + Front Side Visible Reflectance at normal Incidence shouldn’t be below =1.0. But it’s not.

Do you know where this comes from?

Thank you very much again,


userCustomEPLibrary.idf (25.8 KB)

The error is telling you that the variables are not below or equal to 1.0 (not as you said that they shouldn’t be).

But anyway, the definitions on your IDF seem to be fine. What i suggest you is to start a checking process, starting with the last idf simulation file simulated (the one that failed). See there if the values are as in the library, as you defined them. I’m suspecting that they don’t. Specifically look at the VFARTGLASSAR-30 window material.


Hi Abraham,

still I can’t explain it myself. "idf written correctly. Tested various windowconstructions with various glazing types. No one got accepted. And the *.err-file is empty, too.

Do you think Chris could help?


userCustomEPLibrary.idf (25.8 KB) (512 KB)
FACADE_SF-065-080-130.idf (61.2 KB)


First of all Chris of course can help :slight_smile:

Second, your simulation crashes before it even started to make the calculations. You can see the panel connected to the report output of the simulation component. There you can see that there is a lot of severe problems with the pre-calculations E+ does before the start of the simulation. See that the problems relate to the Glass definitions. So my bet (almost sure) your definitions are faulty.

Third, in your materials library you are giving the same name to the glass material and the window construction. You need to make them differently.

Fourth, just for the sake of what i wrote above i’ve just defined a EPWindowMat and construction. Hooked them to the right places and the simulation runs fine. So i think that i made my point with this as for the second item above.

See attached, low left corner, red group and arrows.

Just one more thing, i would try to copy a couple of glass material definitions from the E+ library, just to see if they work. If so, you can be sure your definitions are somehow wrong.

Hope this helps.


Also the material library “fixed” with what i wrote on duplicated names.

userCustomEPLibrary.idf (25.8 KB)


Names are already changed, thank you. Your material runs perfectly on my computer, predefined E±Materials also.

Another thing I’m curious: The material you created: In the code there is the reference to “C:/Ladybug/userCustomLibrary.idf”. But I can’t find it nowhere, neither within the E+.idf

The thing is I’m curious about how E+ is constructing that construction layer as material and see the details for copying it in userCustomLibrary.idf (if not already there)…



And did you get heating/cooling loads out of it?



The material and construction i defined (AY-SF-065-080-130 and W_AY-SF-065-080-130) are at the file level (not library). They can’t be referenced in your CustomizedLibrary unless you put them there (as you already know)… If you see the IDF look for them. at the Construction class and WindowMaterial:SimpleGlazing class. Just be aware that i’ve just defined something without thinking much about the values. They should fit a relatively good Low-e window.

I updated the file (attached) and now you get the loads.

-A. (533 KB)

Just in case: attached the idf file created for the simulation.


FACADE_W_AY-SF-065-080-130.idf (60.3 KB)