Custom Sky

Hi All,

Can I make Custom Sky ( Use specific direct and diffuse radiation ) for luminescence simulation on Honey Bee ( Like DIVA’s “Custom Sky”)?

It seems that Climate Base Sky component read just direct and diffuse radiations each hour from .epw file. But, I would like to stay direct and diffuse radiation at the one point.

I always edit .epw file. This way can stay specify direct and diffuse radiation. But, I would like to edit them on Grasshopper.

Radiance should be able to start rendering if we provide latitude/longitude and direct and diffuse radiation.

Hi Ryosuke, It’s an interesting use case. Climate Based Sky is using Radiance’s gendaylit under the hood to generate a custom sky and right now it reads the values from the weather file but it is very easy to hack the component and input your own values. Do you know how to do that?


Hi Mostapha! Thank you for your replay.

Yes, I know. I edited the .epw. The simulation was worked successfully.

But, I would like to run the simulation without .epw file because radiance only need latitude/longitude,time and direct / diffuse radiation to make sky file.

Do you have plan to make the component working like this?

I have one more question.

I run simulation and got .HDR file. But, when it comes to convert this .HDR to .tiff file with “adjustExposure” option, I got problem like attached file.

Do you know how to solve it?

I just added the component to Honeybee Skies. You can also find it in the attached file.

What is the version of Radiance that you are using? This issue was a bug in old version of Radiance and updating Radiance should solve the problem.

Mostapha (20 KB)

Hi, I updated my radiance program and could run my simulation.Thank you.
Thank you for upload new compoent.I could use this “custom sky” component. It works fine.
I have one more question,
May I use this with CIE sky? (Specific direct and diffuse radiation + CIE sky convertion.)

Hi Ryosuke, I’m not sure how is that possible. What so you mean by CIE sky conversion? Can you direct me to a related document?