Custom the wind tunnel dimension in Butterfly?

Recently,I am involved some complex project.The geometry from architect is modeled using SketchUp. In order to using Butterfly,I have to import SketchUp geometry into Rhino. The wind tunnel component works nice about SketchUp geometry.But I have a question about custom the wind tunnel size in Butterfly. SketchUp geometry usually is dirty for meshing and has some underground region. I only want to simulation the above ground region. So is there any method custom the wind tunnel size in Butterfly? I want to set the low Z zero.

Hi Minggangyin,

You canuse the updateBlockMeshDict component in the 0 tab. Make sure to enter the 8 points in the point input, with 0 instead of -0.66.


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@TheodorosGalanos Thanks for your advices. I will try it later.

The preferred order is to use updateBlockMeshDict before blockMesh component and then use blockMesh to generate the mesh.

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