Cylinder Energy Simulation and HBZones

Hi, I’m not much familiar with Honeybee and I’m having some trouble with Honeybee energy simulation.

I can’t get any data from Honeybee_Read EP Result component for simulating a cylinder form. How can I fix it?

And one more thing, In what order the mass is divided into different zones? How can I understand each zone number is representing which part of the building?


  1. You need to check errors and warnings from the report output to see what’s happening with your model.

  2. I suggest to change your cylinder building to a a polygon based extrusion. That will save you a good amount of simulation time.

  3. I’m not clear about last part of your question. In general you can use lableZones to see zone attributes (…)


An example file always helps us understand what issues you are having. It may also be that you are not requesting any zone-level outputs for the simulation.

Also, while HB can simulate curved geometry, it will usually take almost 10% time to run the simulation if you planarize it first.


Actually I watched your Ladybug tutorial videos on youtube and I used the example file in Ladybug Comfort Tutorials - Indoor Comfort PMV video. I was trying to use a cylinder form instead of the box to compare the results.

I uploaded the file.

Thanks a lot.

012_Indoor Comfort PMV (cylinder).gh (525 KB)

Updating the components solves the issue however the simulation takes a very long time to run. (580 KB)

Thanks a lot for checking the file, I updated the components and the ReadEPResult component is working fine, but a new error has appeared in 3D Chart component:

‘list’ object has no attribute ‘BranchCount’

Any idea how it can be fixed?

Thank you so much!

Did you change access type for legendPar_ to List? My suggestion is to replace the 3D Chart component with a new one from Ladybug tab.


You are using an old version of the component that was updated with the “Update Ladybug” component. To clarify, this process with Update Ladybug does not work when the inputs/outputs of the component have changed. In this case, the LegendPar input changed from List to Data Tree. You have to update such components by manually dragging the new one onto the canvas.


I dragged the new version of all components onto the canvas and also replaced the 3D chart component, It’s working now.

Thanks a lot Mostapha and Chris!