Danish reference year DRY_2001-2010_epw file errors


I’m attempting to utilize the DRY_2001-2010_epw file, which is required for indoor climate simulations in Denmark.
I downloaded it from the official webpage: Klimadata - formater og kilder - Aalborg Universitet (aau.dk)

However, upon using it, I encountered two errors:

  1. ** Severe ** WeatherFile=“SJAELSMARK - DNK DMI-6188/6156/6184 WMO#=618800”, out of range data
  2. ** Severe ** Out of Range errors found with initial day of WeatherFile

Could anyone provide guidance on how to correct these errors in the epw file?

Please find attached the epw file.

Thank you in advance.

dry_2001-2010_epw.zip (238.4 KB)

Hi @ tobiaspedersentsp

I came across another post where you mentioned creating the DRY2013 in EPW format specifically for daylight purposes.

Can you assist me in resolving the error I encountered with the EPW file generated using DMI data by Build?

Thank you for your help.