Daylight Analysis didn't work in twist facade?

Hi Mostapha, Chris and group members

The Daylight Analysis didn’t work in twist facade?

I tried on orthogonal room and works… have something different that I could do to run on twist buildings?

I’d like to use Honeybee to do this! Could you help me, please?

Thank you

Hi Camila,

Can you share the file. I would like to give it a try.


Hi Devang,

Sure, I attached the file.

When the building has twist geometry (doesn’t matter the rotation), the walls are full after draw the windows.

But when the building are orthogonal the simulation works.

Thank you for your help. (125 KB)

Hi camila,

Looking at it fast I’ve seen two things:

  • You haven’t put honey bee to run.

  • The materials are not defined

I made it run. You will have to check the geometries that are pluged, as I was not very sure of which ones to take. I have grouped the things I added.

Hope it helps you

Hi Camila and Devang,

there are some modelling errors, if you change the model your file works fine. Check the attached file.

Antonello (523 KB)

I forgot the file

DaylightAnalysis (183 KB)

Excellent Antonello. You solved it. Cool

Hey all,

In such a geometry where there are tapering walls, I recommend scaling the analysis mesh by a scale of say 0.98. Just to be sure that test points don’t fall outside the geometry. Something I learned in Old Diva days.


Thanks for the advice, Devang!

Antonello, Devang, Julia T…

Thank you very much for your help !

Your reply was very important to me !