Daylight analysis reColor mesh problem

Hello, I would like to solve a problem I found while learning Ladybug.
I tried to make my example as simple as possible to demonstrate how I attempt to map illuminance values in a daylight simulation for honeybee, ladybug.

The final mesh (honeybee) seems to be working, you can notice the mesh is being distorted according to date and time, I got no errors but when I try to recolor the mesh (reColorMesh) I receive one color …instead of a gradient map that would correspond to a lumen value (lux).
What might be the reason to this issue?

I attached a file,

Kindly thank you,


  • Flip the direction of floor surface before generating test points.
    Use flip component. image
  • You provided Zero Transmittance in Glass material. (570.3 KB)

Kindly thanks for your contribution, the problem was solved , it works perfectly fine now.