Daylight Analysis - This simulation didn't work to twist geometries?

Hi Everyone,

I did daylight analysis simulation and the result is all with one color (picture attached), Someone knows why and could help me, please?

When I try the simulation with an orthogonal room, it works. Has something that I could do to run with twist geometries?

Thank you very much

Daylight (622 KB)

Your window openings are not solved. If you see the attached image you can see that the walls are still full after you “inserted” the window geometry.

I’m not sure the HB_addHBGlz component can deal with twisted geometries or you need to try a different approach to solve the issue (maybe surface by surface).


Hi Abraham,

Thank you for you reply.

Yes, the walls are full after draw the windows, just when room geometry are twist, when I design an orthogonal one, the simulation run perfectly.

I don’t know if has onother way to simulate daylight to twist geometry, I found this on Hydra !

Hi, Mostapha and Cris !

Is it possible run simulation on twist geometry? My simulation just run when the room is ortogonal. I’m studding twist geometry that’s why I’m question and I like to use this plug-in.

Thank you