Daylight Factor at Each Point

Hi, how can I find the exact daylight factor at these grid points? Thanks!

Hi @snoringpanda96,

Since the points do not align with the center of your mesh faces of the calculation, you can’t get the DF without doing some kind of interpolation between the surrounding mesh faces of each point.

However, if you want the DF in exactly those points, you can create your own grid with “HB Sensor Grid” by connecting your points to _positions. You will not get a visualization of the whole room like you have there. If you want a visualization (of only your sensor points and not the whole room) you have to add a mesh to “HB Sensor Grid” as well (see the purple group in the image).

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Actually there is no need to add it to “HB Sensor Grid” - only to “Heatmap”.

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Looking on another direction, you can use the native GH Tag component and plug the values (from the results) and the locations (grid points).
With this you’ll get ALL values, not only those you want.