Daylight factor based on the annual simulations

hi all,

I was wondering if anyone had worked with a workflow to “convert” a daylight autonomy to a daylight factor.

If using (legacy) daysim method then each of your grid points have calculated a relationship to each of the 144 skypatches. There must be a way to “default” these skypatches to something similar to the cie overcast sky and then get the daylight factor results “for free” without having to raytrace again.

Similar must be possible with multiphase simulations.


hi @Mathiassn

this is an interesting one, did you find any solution?

I remember seeing a paper trying to derive a function that linked DA and DF, but I can’t find again easily, if I do I’ll post here.

hi Olivier,

Yes and no. I’m looking at making an example for MantaRay but didnt find time to do it yet.
(track here Overcast sky for rtcontrib · Issue #104 · Sonderwoods/MantaRay · GitHub )

However as seen in the issue, theres a tutorial on how in Axel Jacobs rcontrib tutorial page 20.