DAYLIGHT / Non-Planar Vertex / RTrace and Oconv issues with complex geometry

Hi Mostapha and LBHB folks,

When working with complex geometries, such as towers with a context, (Daylight Analysis) I noticed that Oconv crashes often.One solution I am using is outputting geometries as clusters and then recombine all in the final .rad simulation.

However even when doing that, I still get warning from rtrace (non-planar vertex for polygons).

For simple geometry I am forcing triangulation as input meshes. However for complex meshes it’s too much and keep crashing the oconv.

Have you ever had such problems? Are you forcing triangulation by default with current HBSurf component?

Thank you in advance and fantastic tool…every update gets better and better.


Hi Berardo, Sorry for the very late reply. There is a Honeybee solution for that as you can see in this discussion (…). The logic is very similar to what you mentioned in your post.

Oops! I just saw your comment on the post. I’ll reply to the question there.