Daylight simulation no value output

hello everyone!
i’ve a problem with this definition, it’s an old definition from two years ago (working good at that time), i re open with rhino 6 (but with rhino5 too) and does’t works.
honeybee run daylight simulation, no output result.(no error message, only orange cable from the result output) I’ve tried with an Hydra definition and have the same problem.
rhino 6
honeybee v.0.0.64
ladybug v.0.0.67
openstudio 2.7.0
radiance 5.2.1

Any suggestion?
Thank you very much.


No one can help me?
The softwares versions is correct?
Thank you again!


Sorry the other link had wrong sharing settings.
Now should work.

I’m having the same problem rebertocognoli. Have you found a solution for it? Thanks.