Daylight Simulation Results Varry

Hello all,
I am running 0.0.65 HB on Rhino 6 with V.5.2 Radiance. Yesterday I did a study on a complex geometry that worked pretty well. Today I tried to compare results to other similiar software, using a simple rectangular model with 1 window. However, the first time I ran it, I got 0.00 values on my test points.

After reswarching online for a bit I tried to flip the direction of the test plane to see if I will get any other results. And so I did.

However, I get similiar result for any day and hour I choose to run the simulation for. It seems to me that these results are way higher than they should be?

So my question is, what could have gone wrong, and how to fix it? (508.5 KB)

Use the climate-based sky component.

Thank you very much!