Daylightfactor output showing weird line


After my daylightfactor analysis run, the results shows a very clear line right in the middle of the floor surface. I havent encountered this problem before. On the left side of the middle 2 windows are located and on the right 1. for some reason the influence of the 2 windows on the left aren’t taken into account on the right side of the analysis…

I tried changing the analysis parameters to change the outcome but it remained the same. Anybody has any suggestions on what it could be?

Hi @JDijkema,

It seems to me like it´s a geometry issue (seems like there is a surface going along the middle of the room) First I will suggest you to check your inputs for the “HBsurfaces” looking for any strange geometry (baking the geometry could be a better way to do it)

If that is not the problem then it would be nice if you can share your Rhino model and GH definition for us to have a look :wink:

Best regards,

There was no surface going through the middle of the room. I did fix it tho. The problem was in the HbObjWGLZ parameter. For some reason it would not register the windows correctly. When I trimmed the surfaces of the glazing out of the Facade, so it couldnt interfer it actually worked.

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