Daylighting Simulation error with circular shading system

Dear all,

I’m running a simple daylight study to verify the performance of a particular shading system composed of vertical circular profiles. I simplified the overall model and I used a RAD material to characterize the shading system.

During the analysis, Honeybee showed me an error about the volume of the circular profiles. They seem to be elements without volume so without effect on the daylighting distribution (attached you can find the files). Any idea how to solve this kind of problem?

daylighting (1.1 MB)

Thanks in advance for helping.


Some geometry is not internalized with Grasshooper. Please upload them.

Hi @minggangyin,

Thanks for answering.

I checked the file and the geometries are internalized. There are only two kinds of geometry: a box to generate HB zone and the external shading system. Are you referring to a particular geometry?

Thank you.

Hi, @angelo.figliola
This curve is missing.

Hi, @angelo.figliola. Now I konw what you are doing. I delete some unused or unnessary compotent and update all compotent to latest version. The result can generated very cool.

Here is the result and the debugged gh file.

daylighting (1.1 MB)

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Thank you! Very helpful!