Dayligth annual analysis results: difference between unnamed.ill file results (unnamed.0.ill, unnamed.1.ill ect)

Hy guys,
I have some question about daylight results file. After daylight annual simulation, there are four file about illuminance results:
unnamed_0.ill, unnamed_0_space_0.ill (this is the same as unnamed_0.ill, but with “space”) , ill unnamed_1.ill,unnamed_2.ill, unnamed_3.ill.
I know that the unnamed_0.ill shows the daylight results for each hour during the year ( for each grid points).

So, can you explain waht those files (unnamed_1.ill,unnamed_2.ill, unnamed_3.ill) describe?
Thanks a lot!

You probably set the number of processors to 4. Then the simulation is partitioned in 4, making it faster (consuming more computer resources). At the end, when you ask for the results they will be joined.

Thanks! Now I try without CPU number and it generates one file of illuminance results!


Just out of curiosity: Why it matters to you to get only one file?

Hy Abraham,
It is only because I prefer a single file to work with.
Have a good day.