Daysim and Mesh to RAD problem

Hi guys

I have problems with annual daylight analysis : shading geometry is complex and it’s created with mesh and I need to make some RAD file for computing because with HBsurface i got an error :

oconv : Warning - non-planar vertex for polygon “…”

rtrace_dc : warning - non-planar vertex for polygon “…”

i think it ignores some faces .

i checked the model and didn’t find any non-planar one!!!

when it converts to RAD with “MeshtoRAD” component there is another problem :frowning:

it ignores “additionalRadFiles” in “Honeybee_Annual Daylight Simulation” but it works with “imageBasedSimulation” recipe !!!

2.the second problem is with “Honeybee_Daysim Shading State” i just gets “shdHBObjects” not RAD files!!!

it works slow with shdHBObjects because of complex geometry and multiple states for shading

3.the third problem is about number of shading_state :

in “Honeybee_Advanced Dynamic Shading Recipe” i think there is no limit but in Daysim’site it has been mentioned that “The user may of course model other shading systems in any state imaginable up to a total of ten states per shading group.”

any suggestion?

i checked other discussions like… but i still have problem with annual

after … hours !!!

I think there is a bug with annual simulation

when you add additional RADfile it ignores in annual recipe

all you need is to disconnect north in annual recipe :confused:

Hi Mostafa,

Can you help me to understand the problem? HB annual analysis should work fine with additionalRadFiles. From your last comment I guess the issue is that you’re introducing dynamic shades as additionalRadFiles? Did you finally get it to work?


I couldn’t find a way to introduce dynamic shades as additionalRadFiles yet :frowning: