Decompose based on boundary condition is not decomposing

I have attached gh file. Can anybody please tell why Honey bee decompose based on boundary condition is not decomposing the geometry’s ground,surface and outdoors like below.

Mackey Residence Geometry (460 KB)


You were using an old version of Honeybee Honeybee it should work fine now. See attached. Be sure to always update your components using the component Honeybee_Update Honeybee.

MackeyResidenceGeometryAdajacies (478 KB)

Thank you Anton. I tried to update ladybug and Honeybee it worked at first but after that this update is not working anymore.Can you please also help in one of my file where energy plus simulation is not working. I am not getting any idf file or simulation result. I have attached my file.

6 - Running a Basic Energy Simulation by (511 KB)

I’d suggest to plug the toggle to _UpdateThisFile to update only what you work on.

Occasionally you would have to change some of the updated components by dragging them from the LB/HB panels.