DecomposeEPConstruction showing outputs null

I wanted to compute U-value of heterogenous construction in HoneyBee by generating Honeybee_EPConstruction with EPOpaqueMat components. I used DecomposeEPConstruction to extract UValue for developed construction. However, the output was null for every result of DecomposeEPConstruction component.

I want to understand whether the DecomposeEPConstruction component can only for default constructions located in Honeybee library or it works for all custom EP constructions created?

Connect the construction name to the DecomposeMaterial input component.


Still not showing Null @AbrahamYezioro

Thank you for your start idea which helped me to solve the issue @AbrahamYezioro.

I understood that the construction need to be added to Honeybee construction library first and then the construction needs to be called from Honeybee library again.

Probably, the backend code computes the conductance while/after added to Honeybee library.