Default internal gains in Honeybee

Dear all,
I am curious about how Honeybee decides the default internal gains for different functions, as internal gains are important in my research. Can you send me the references of these default settings for internal gains? What I am most curious about is the breakroom in office zone program.

@Tiantian ,

The default internal gains are set by the zone program (as you seem to be aware).

All of these zone program templates come from the US Dept of Energy Commercial Reference Buildings, which I think are derived from observation of real commercial buildings.

An important thing to note is that these templates are a few years old now and so I recommend that people lower the lighting loads of these templates (since we’ve generally seen a major switch from Incandescent/Fluorescent to LEDs in the last few years, giving you at least a 30% drop in lighting load). Also, I recommend slightly raising the equipment loads (since we keep buying more fancy electronics and residential plug loads have been rising ~2% per year).


Hello Chirs, it is an old topic. But I have a question for the break room. The equipment load is quite high. Does it include the function of canteen?
BTW, how can I obtain the schedule for this function? Is it the same as the other functions for office buildings?