Default light transmission values for "add Honeybee glazing" component

Hi everyone,

I would like to ask you if someone knows the default values of RGB light transmission for the Honeybee glazing component. I mean, in the case I don’t plug any values in RADmaterial, which RGB light transmittance value does it consider?


Thank you for availability!

Hi @fracarl

First, be aware that RAD materials are only can be used if you are trying to run Daylight simulation through Radiance in HB not energy simulation, Second, if you use the component called ‘Honeybee - Label Zone Surfaces’ and put the attribute to ‘Radiance Material’, you can check what is the default of RAD material of each surface.


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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, using this method it shows only a “Not assigned” label.

I can answer your question. After “add honeybee glazing”,you can run dayligt analysis using Radiance.
Then write and run Radiance to generate the daylight factor. You can go to studyFolder and check the material.rad and unname.rad

You will find the radiance material setting of exterior window.

And you will also find the geometry of the window.
Here is the demo file.
windows material .gh (483.9 KB)


Perfect! It was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very much!