Default materials in HB

Hi all,
Could you please tell me where to find default EP constructions/materials when not defined by the user? Answers on this topic have got no available files.
Thanks in advance.

Assuming you mean HB_Legacy i sugegst to use the HB_callFromEPConstrLibrary. In the keywords input you cansearch for different element types (wall, floor, roof, etc). You’ll get a list of the materials/constructions included in the HB library. The defaults are usually Exterior Wall, Interior Wall and such.

Hi Abraham, thanks for soon response but I refer to the default values that OS uses. How can I read the idf file?
Thanks in advance

OS don’t have defaults for materials. All of them are set in HB and written to the IDF.
You can use the HB_LabelZones to see what are the constructions in HB.
If you really want to read the IF you can use the E+ EPLaunch and use the IDFEditor.

Thanks a lot! I”ll check it