Define roof/wall instead of having HB assume them

I have a slanted roof, but HB assumes part of it is a wall.

The attached “wanted surface type” shows a simple solid made of 3 breps, top and bottom are “generic” materials, the middle one is glass (apertures). “HB assumed surface type” from HB preview shows HB assuming parts of the “slanted roof” are walls (yellow).

I learned I can at least define windows with “aperture” , but how do I control the rest?
When I search up examples it’s all shoeboxes…Need I say more

I want to upload screenshots & internalized GH but forum says new users can’t upload attachments.
Please find them here: Honeybee Help: define roof/wall instead of having HB assume them - Grasshopper - McNeel Forum

I would look into building it via faces…
Explode the geometry, take each face type and feed them into the HB Face component individually where you can define their type… Once you have all the faces defined you feed those into the HB room component…

Apologies, I may have the components names wrong, as I don’t have GH open…

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or use the “HB properties by GuideSurface” component.


or use the roof angle input:

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