Developing calculations of SHGCdir and SGGCdif for every kinetic design component on the facade

Hey Mostapha/Chris and others at Ladybug tools,

I am developing calculation recipies for SHGCdir and SGGCdif for kinetic design components on the facade. I understand that my design component needs to be parametrized to structure the calculation. The two quantities that I need are not static but need to be calculated for every situation that can occur.

A situation is characterized by:

  •      The configuration state of the component (dynamic): in my case the angle of the shading slat
  •      The physics of the component (static): dimensions of the window, physics of the glazing layer(s)
  •      The placement of the component: façade orientation (azimuth and tilt)
  •      The current position of the sun: two solar angles

The calculation component or routine is used every hour with the above list as inputs.

The trickiest part of the calculation is the angle of incidence of the direct solar rays, to be used for (a) the shading effect of the slat, and (b) the transmissivity through the unshaded part of the window.

Do you know where I could find the angle of incidence for every hour for a particular location ?

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You can get them at the output items of the sunHourAnalysis component.

Thank you very much Abraham !
But no output for angle of incidence on a vertical surface in this component ?

I basically want to find out the angle of incidence - angle between the sun and the surface normal on a vertical surface

There is a possibility to output the solar incident angle in cosine value for a particular surface, you need to import below string into simulation outputs directly and read the data by “Read EP Custom Result” component for that specific surface name…

Output:Variable,*,Surface Outside Face Beam Solar Incident Angle Cosine Value,hourly;

This is something you need to calculate … unless you want to do an energy simulation and use @AMIRTABADKANI solution (my feeling is that you don’t want to).

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Thank you so much !
I used @AMIRTABADKANI way. Is there a similiar output for SHGC values (direct & diffused) for the window?

There are many other possible outputs that might help you like below,

Zone,Average,Surface Window Transmitted Solar Radiation Rate [W]
Zone,Average,Surface Window Heat Gain Rate [W]

Best way is to check the RDD of your idf file and see which ones are proper for your aim and then use them as panels into additional strings within Honeybee to get the results