Development Version of the LBT Grasshopper Plugin Now Uses OpenStudio 3.4

Hello All,

I just wanted to make an announcement that is only for people staying up-to-date with the latest development version of the LBT Plugin using the LB Versioner component. So this does not concern anyone using the last stable release of the LBT plugin (version 1.4.0 directly from Food4Rhino).

We just finished upgrading the development version of the LBT plugin to use OpenStudio 3.4 instead of OpenStudio 3.3. We have updated the compatibility matrix accordingly.

There were relatively few breaking changes between OpenStudio 3.3 and 3.4. Furthermore, thanks to the efforts of the developers of EnergyPlus and OpenStduio, there are several important new features and bug fixes that we will benefit from in the Ladybug Tools community. To list a few major ones:

In case it’s helpful, the last development version that works with OpenStudio 3.3 is LBT 1.4.79. So you can always plug 1.4.70 into the version_ input of the LB Versioner component to get the last LBT version that’s OS 3.4-compatible.