Different input, same output

Hi, I’m simulating the indoor air temperature with RunEnergyplusSimulation, but when I add the consturction or the HBcontext, the outputs don’t change, even they are the same in different rooms. Could anyone help me to find where am I wrong?

My file is attached here:
hainan moxing–woody.gh (868.8 KB)

can anyone help me to figure the problem out?:disappointed_relieved:

And in my another case, the value I get in the whole year is the same.

I wonder if it’s my energyplus that has some issue?

Is your space conditioned? If that is the case then the HVAC system tries to keep the temperature to what your setpoint is set to. If you want to see the change in temperature then you should study an unconditioned space. In your case the system needs to use less or more energy to meet the setpoint temperature.

thanks @mostapha , I found where the problem was, the same as you mentioned.