Different result of same output from HBZones


Here is a test model of an office, when I connect the data from HB_Masses to zone to add window everything goes well, but when I decompose the surfaces made them adiabatic by HB_Make adiabatic and then composing again, no window is generated. I am wondering why this is happening because both outputs are from HBZones.

Here is a sample file Office.gh (51.9 KB)

I think somehow I find the answer, we can’t made window on surfaces which are adiabatic but here still is a question that according to WWR can’t we made the rest of wall which doesn’t contain window adiabatic ?

An adiabatic wall could not be external wall. Windows are, in general, defined on external walls (though it is possible to define internal windows).
Since your case seems to be a simple one, after decomposing use a list item component to select the walls that you want to be adiabatic and the walls you want to be external. Connect the former to the adiabatic surface component. Then rejoin the zone.

Thanks, Abraham for your answer, I didn’t get an adiabatic wall could not be external wall cause I have seen when they want to model an office which is surrounded by the same other offices from north, west, and east they made the exterior walls adiabatic!
Yes I consider this way too and then I made them adiabatic by name but still the second part of my question which is making the rest of the wall which doesn’t contain the window adiabatic, is it possible?

They (we) do that in order to don’t model the neighboring spaces but to assume that they loose/win energy towards you and vice versa (that’s the meaning of adiabatic). You probably have seen that the roof and floor could be also adiabatic for the same purposes.

Don’t understand what is the rest of the wall. Those walls that are not set as adiabatic will be exterior walls. If you follow my advice above you’ll get it.

I got what you said, I think I should compare the results precisely to get my answer.
Thank you for your response.