Different shade to "Shade Benifit Evauator"


I want to test which is the better shade for a window.So I use the component"Shade BenIfit evaluator".But there are two ways to get the shade.One is to use the component"Ladybug Sun Shade Caculator";The other way is to bulid shades by myself.When I use the component"Ladybug Sun Shade Caculator"to get shades,the consequence is very strange,and the value of "shadehelpfulness"is much more big than it of shades built by myself.Can you tell me what is the problem in it?
Thank you very much.实验.gh (1.0 MB)


@Disgrace ,
It may help you to know that the shade benefit evaluator does not model the interactions between shades and is evaluated over the entirety of the test window. If you break the window up so that you have one window per shade, you might get something closer to what you expect.

It also should be noted that the “Sun Shade Calculator” just shows you the shade you need to block a certain sun vector from reaching the window. It doesn’t necessarily know anything about cooling/heating loads of a building at a given hour and how harmful/helpful a given sun vector is.