Direct sun hours bugging out

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to make a direct sun hours over a given site for a project of mine, but when im running the direct sun hours, it creates these weird red blobs inside. I have absolutely no idea what is causing it, therefore I could really use some help :smiley:

Hi @Pedz, I think if you hide the underlying geometry or turn the preview off for the underlying geometry, I think that should clear things up so the results mesh can be seen without interference.
Hopefully that is helpful.


Unfortunately that doesnt work, even tho i remove the underlying geometries or try moving the surface which the direct sun path is using it still makes these blobs, a screenshot of the GH file is uploaded below

Try to right-click and turn off the preview of these two Geo inputs.

Unfortunately another unsuccesful attempt, thanks for the input!

Please share your file, someone might have a look at it.

Remember to internalize geometries, before sharing.

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I can not, unfortunately. It tells me that new users cant attach files :frowning:

@Pedz Try and PM me the files, see if that works to transmit them. I have time to take a look