Disabling zone sizing

Hi everyone,

I was trying to disable zone sizing calculation for a parametric model I wanted to run in order to reduce the calculation time (it really is almost 80% of the total time since I’m almost doing a dummy model with 1 week duration).

However, I think I am running into this issue https://unmethours.com/question/3054/disable-zoneplantsystem-sizing/.

I disable zone sizing from simulation parameters but the OS component still does it, probably due to the reasons mentioned in the post above. Their solution was to delete the design days from the .idf file but I don’t want to (yet) go into .idf files. Is there any workaround currently in HB? I can easily be missing something.

Thanks in advance!

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As in the unmethours post, you have to hard size everything in honeybee that is normally autosized before you can turn off the “run sizing calculation” option. What type of HVAC are you running? We haven’t exposed the ability to hard size everything on Honeybee yet but we might be able to do so fairly quickly if you are only running an ideal air system. You will also have to come up with a pre-determined capacity for this system in Watts before you can set this as the hard sized value.

In addition to that, there may be other oddities of OpenStudio that we have to work around mentioned in the unmethours post but I know we’ll find a way to address them by post processing the IDF if OpenStudio doesn’t allow us to do it on its own.