Do not apply the XML file in Honeybee


I generated XML file for some type of glazing with WINDOW 7.7 and I imported it with BSDF material component for daylight simulation analysis but don’t apply any changes to the result.
though, Is there any solution to apply xml file of WINDOW in honeybee?


Are you running an annual study?

yes, I analyzed annual daylight (UDI and sDA)

Well, daysim doesn’t process BSDF files and you are using daysim if you are looking at annual simulations. With Honeybee plus you are more likely to have success in this endeavour.

thank you for help.
And how about analyzing energy with Honeybee? Because I had the same problem in analyzing energy with Honeybee and I had no change in answering when I connected idf file of EP construction.

This is a separate issue and if you share a file it will help someone respond to this.