Does honeybee consider convection precisely?

Recently I have created an algorithm to evaluate the dropped ceiling geometry impact on thermal comfort, however, whatever run I have from this algorithm the PPD is the same! even after optimization through Galapagos. I am concerned whether I am making any mistake or the Energyplus does not consider the convection. Also, I am curious whether there is a better way to conduct this investigation?

I defined the upper part of the ceiling as HPplenum.
Thank you in advanced.

EnergyPlus does consider convective heat transfer from the inside of any surface to the zone air. By default it uses TARP model.

You should elaborate on the what you are looking for in this study and what type of behaviour you are anticipating as an influence of the ceiling.

Thanks a lot for your response,
Actually I was expecting to see the impact of ceiling geometry on convection which make some differences on the room condition, for example in summer the ceiling geometry can make distance between occupants and the hot air inside room which due to the convection goes up and vice versa in winter, I expected energy plus to consider this but …, also I used radiance material to see the radiation differences through ceiling reflection and finally the corresponding impact on PPD but as I told you the PPD didn’t change, it just changed from 87.16% to 87.10 (for example) using optimization. what is your recommendation?