Doors not hosting correctly as subfaces in parent face

I’m having trouble with HB recognizing these double doors (labeled D) as subfaces. (Notice one door is yellow/orange because they are coplanar and fighting rather than yellow only which represents glass.)
The window (labeled W) hosts to the wall correctly, but I’m wondering if HB is having a hard time with the way the doors protrude into the window zone. All subfaces have a 1/2" border so they are not touching edges.
If I remove the window, the doors host correctly to the parent wall.

More info, If I make my second door shorter than the bottom of window it allows my normal door and tiny door to work correctly. This make me think I’m modeling a double door incorrectly for what HB wants to see.

Can’t tell what is wrong, but from what you said i would try to model one door that includes the area of both. If you are worried abut the frame at the middle you can add it on the sides.
Don’t think the accuracy of the results will be affected by this.


This might be smaller than your model tolerance so I would recommend increasing the offset and see if you still have the issue. But this does look like it’s only an issue with the display and your model may actually be fine for simulation if it passes the HB Validate Model component.

Modeling as 2 doors with borders, one door with border, and one door without border are all validated models. Looks like it’s just the visualization.
Unfortunately, I was creating a presentation of the model image, but I Photoshopped the doors to look correct. :yum:

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