Double glazed window transmittance

Hi, I am searching for transmittance of double glazed window with these features: 4m 13m(air) 6m out. Is there any resource to find that? I tried to use window software of lbnl but I couldn’t learn how to use it. Is there anybody to help me about that?
Thank you all

Visible light or energy transmittance? You could download ESBO SSF and calculate them according to ISO 15099. Next version contains EN 410 as well.

Visible light. thank you,

Firstly, you have to check which combination is suit for your purpose from the manufacture’s website, like AGC Glass Europe as one of the producers, … then you can model each layer through Window by using its own library which has many products from different producers or creating a new glass material based on the specifications on the catalogue …

Thank you. I solved it by using Window from lbnl.