Double height ceilings

Hello Forum,

If I have a building with a first floor where half the floor plan has double height ceilings… what is the best way to make honeybee zones from this. Should I Boolean union the breps that represent the first floor and double height area? Or is it best to make three zones and have the double height area adjacency with the first floor as an air wall? The double height areas are in blue in this attached image. Thanks for your advice. - Ethan

Hi Ethan,
Using air walls between the three zones will definitely be more accurate than booleaning all of the zones togehter since all internal loads like lights and equipment are assigned based on floor area and you want the floors of your energy model to match those of your real case. You could also make a 2-zone model with an air wall at the part where the double-height space is. You might want to ask this question on the umethours site, where there are a lot of expert energy models that could discuss the tradeoffs of each case:


chris thanks for your reply and the great tutorials