Dragonfly: cooling demand greater on lower floors


I have built a dragonfly model and when looking at the results, these are logical for the heating demand but not for the cooling demand: lower floors seem to have a greater demand than higher floors…?


heating intensity

cooling intensity

You can see the problem appearing for the office building in the front, which is strange.

Dragonfly_model_adam.gh (405.3 KB)

Hm. Somehow the ceil_adjacency option is causing the ground floor to be set with Surface boundary conditions.

This seems like a bug that I’ll investigate soon. For now, I would recommend setting the ceil_adjacency option to False and then the results should make much more sense.

Hey @mkdg ,

It appears that there was a bug with the separate_mid option on the DF Separate Top Bottom component when the ground Story has a multiplier of one.

It was causing there to be a duplicate version of the ground floor, which essentially double-counted both the heating and cooling load for that floor.

I just pushed a fix for it:

and you can get the fix on your end with the “LB Versioner” shortly.

In the meantime, setting the separate_mid option to False should give you much more reasonable results.

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Thank you Chris for the quick response and fix, I really appreciate it :slight_smile:
Maybe a very basic question, but when I put the separate_mid option to false, one of my floor disappears. Why is it so? And how can i fix this?

If I consider all floors to be @3 (every floor has 3 units), I also get such result:

Set use_mutliplier_ to False when you export the model from Dragonfly to Honeybee.