Dragonfly import landsat image: compatibility and NDVI calculation


Hi @chris ,

the component “Dragonfly import landsat image” is designed to use Landsat 8 bands?
Is there a method to utilize this component to calculate the Normalized Differential Vegetation Index (NDVI) ?



@Francesco661 ,

I see that you are pushing the components to the limits as usual :slight_smile:!

At the moment, I haven’t tested the component with LADNSAT 8 and I don’t know if the component will work. I assume that there might be some differences in the meta-data file and the naming convention for the TIF images so I’ll try to get to this soon:

Let me know if you get the chance to test it out before me.

As for NDVI, I have been planning to add this since I started the component a long time ago. It’s also relatively straightforward to get broadband albedo and true-color images from the LANDSAT data. I’ll get to this soon after I test compatibility with LADNSAT 8:



As you propably know, here you can find the differences between the diffrent versions of Landsat.

I tried with the band n. 6 of Landast 8 file for Bologna city and it is displayed.
If I try to connect all other bands (then also 4 and 5 that are used to calculate the NDVI) this warning text appears: “Failed to find a valid thermal band file in the connected _landsatImgFolder”.


@Francesco661 ,
Thanks for trying that out. It sounds like it should be relatively easy to get this to work with LANDSAT 8. I just have to change out the band number that is being requested. It looks like it will also be easy to get NDVI and True color for both LANDSAT versions pretty easily (broadband albedo might be a challenge, though, so I might put this off).

I’ll see if I can do this soon (once I have our new website done and I can get back to development).

Thanks again for trying it out!


Thank you for your availability to check for the possibility of releasing new updates based on my feedback.

I have a one more question:
I have sent to you a mail (domain: mackeyarchitecture.com) on 19th september. Could you verify if you have received it?