Dragonfly installation issue

Good morning

I have tried to install the Dragonfly component following these instructions:"

Make sure that you have both Ladybug and Honeybee installed by following the instructions here.

Download the Dragonfly components from here. Unzip the file and drag/drop all of the files in the userbOjects folder onto your grasshopper canvas.

Install the urban weather generator (UWG) and Matlab compiler by downloading the exe from this link and running it."

but the link at the third point sends back to this page:

From where i can download the .exe?



Hi Francesco,

you can download the UWG here:



you can download the Matlab compiler 9.0 here:


hope this helps


Thank you Ernesto.

Francesco and Ernesto,

Thanks for letting me know about this and I just fixed the link in the install instructions.

Just so that you guys are in the loop, there’s been a new version of the UWG released with a much cleaner way of inputting data. I am going to be rewriting Dragonfly to work with this soon. This will also coincide with a much cleaner install method for Dragonfly and a Dragonfly API.

Stay tuned!


Hi all!
On my windows 10 I couldn’t install the 9.0 version of matlab runtime (I got the message “this app can’t run on this pc”, maybe some new update of w10 made it not compatible with earlier version?). I’ve been able to install the last one (9.2), now I’ve got problem in finding the UWG installer (can’t find a “download” button on the page you linked). I contacted last week the developer because on the download page it was saying “UWG code available upon request” but I still didn’t get any answer…