Dynamic shading

I’m trying to simulate dynamic shading with honeybee .
Right now I’m having a problem with the Annual daylight simulation component, that the result file is empty and the error is “can’t find the results for the study”
and during analyzing the error " no light source found" occurred.

Could someone help me?

Thank you in advance!


I am not sure why there’s no results file. Can you try saving the radiance file in the directory where radiance is installed which should be c:radiance?

Or else, please share file if you can.

The “no light source found” message in the CMD window is not an error. For annual simulation, Daysim calculates 145 diffuse daylight coefficients. During the calculation of these diffuse coefficients, there’s no light source present. Hence, this message. It is not an error.

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Thanks so much for your answering

My radiance file has saved in c:radiance but the problem is still exist.
I attach the file

dynamic2.gh (642.0 KB)

Hello Elmira.Kaboudani

Have tried manually checking to see if the results files are saved in the place you are expecting? If the results files are there, are the files actaully populated? If the results files are missing try trigger the .bat files manually - better still drag the .bat files into note pad and write ‘pause’ at the end so the dis window stays open and you can read any error messages that might have happened.

The above will help you understand whether the problem is that daysim or honeybee.

Good luck