E+ Simulation HBContext Problem

Hello everyone

Build a simulation with e + for the adaptive comfort analysis, but I have a problem that I have already reviewed in other forums and it is with the context of my HBObjects, because I try to analyze the impact of an external envelope, but in the results of the analysis it is not reflects, I would like people with experience in these problems to help me.

Thanks for your help. I leave the files for you to analyze.

00 Base Rhino.3dmbak (1.3 MB) 06 E_C Operativ Temp Simulation - Aalen University Extension - MGF Architekten.gh (687.0 KB)

Hi @Sebastian, You have to provide more information here for us to be able to help. What was the results that you expected? What did you get? What are the inputs/outputs that you have checked so far? Have you seen this post here: https://discourse.ladybug.tools/faq

Hello @mostapha
Thanks for answering, what I’m trying to analyze is the impact that the use of the envelope can have in the analysis, but when I run the simulation with or without the envelope the results are the same, I have read that HBObjects does not work at all well for the E + component but I don’t know what I can do to make the use of the envelope if it generates changes in the simulation, which is expected.

Thank you

Hi @Sebastian,

I looked your model and workflow, realized your problem.
There is two reason;

1st Reason- The shadings that you used are redundantly detailed. You should just use planar surfaces instead of a lot of boxes, they also have conflict each other.

If you use conflict and detailed geometries, solver can ignore them as you can see below,

2nd Reason-
You should use different solarDistribution model, not -0- MinimalShadowing.

Finally, we can see the differences,

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@oguzhankoral Thank you very much.
You were right thanks for your answer.

Can you help me with one last question? If in this case the elements of the envovlente are in wood, can I add some type of material configuration that works for E + or with the RadMaterial that is configured in this case, is it enough?


Hi @Sebastian,

It depends why do you want to use wood material for shading. Do you aspire to see effects of reflectivity of wood material? If yes, you should find RGB reflectance values of any material and assign them. And you should change your solarDistribution model as 3 or 4,

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Ok @oguzhankoral Thanks !!

Indeed in the workflow they are already considered, what I will do is change my solarDistribution.

Thank you very much for all the help.