E+ simulation won't run

Hi all,

I’m trying to get my first E+ simulation in honeybee done. Following the Chris Mackey tutorial on youtube, somehow my simulation doesn’t run.
The ‘readMe!’ says: ‘One of the surfaces has less than 3 identical coordinates and is removed.’ multiple times.
in the ERR output it says: '** Severe ** RoofCeiling:Detailed=“ZONE_24_SRF_1”, Vertex size mismatch between base surface :ZONE_24_SRF_1 and outside boundary surface:
** ~~~ ** The vertex sizes are 4 for base surface and 0 for outside boundary surface. Please check inputs.

but nothing seems to be wrong with the model as I did just got it from Chris Mackeys tutorial.

anybody able to help me out?


seems like I can’t upload attachments since i’m new

It most likely the error comes from your geometry. Please take a screenshot of your rhino geometry so that we can better identify your problem.

Thank you for the reply! I solved the problem, it was indeed in the geometry.
Thanks anyway!