E+ within grasshopper

Hey hi!,

I´m trying to run a basic e+ simulation within Ghopper with honeybee. I´m getting the attached runtime error, any advice would be very welcome.



honeybee e+_runtime error.gh (131 KB)

Hi Alejandro,

Similar to other questions about EnergyPlus components it is because version mismatch.

If you update all the components then it will work fine. We will add an extra check to all the components to avoid similar issue. Check the attached file.

You are also making some mistakes in the way you are preparing the model. Check the attached file for a fixed version.



honeybee_runtimeerror_msr.gh (161 KB)

Hi Mostapha,

Thanks, the simulations are now running smooth!

One more question that just popped after taking a look to the ‘glazingCreator’ component, is if there is a way to assign ‘EPConstructions’ or ‘RADMaterials’ to the generated windows, and/or what are the defaults?



Hi Alejandro, There are two different components for EP and Radiance that you can use to change them. “Honeybee_RADIANCE Default Materials” and “Honeybee_Set EP Zone Construction”